Friday, June 1, 2012

National Donut Day

Do you Donut or Doughnut?
Either way... today is National Doughnut Day.
Our local Dunkin Donuts opened last week...just in time. I have been there once-very tight and crowded parking lot. I did not eat or drink, just facilitated Megan's introduction to our local Dunkin Donuts. Today, though, I think our Friday treat will come from Dunkin Donuts this afternoon.
By the way, guess what Megan's 6th grade nickname is?
When one of her teachers on the first day of school was conducting a "get to know you" activity, "What is your favorite food" was one of the questions. Megan was one of the few who did not say, PIZZA or ICE CREAM. She said DONUTS!!!!
Her teacher said that was how she would remember Megan's name...Megan likes Donuts. Well the Megan part was dropped by her peers and she is known throughout the school as "Donut". So what does that make me? Cream Puff?
For more information on National Doughnut Day, read HERE.
It is a for real holiday with a purpose and is celebrated the first Friday in June. I wonder if NYC Mayor Bloomberg will ban this holiday? You know...he is on a no sugar rampage. He is totally right about the ills of sugar and the obesity problems in America, but wrong to try and legislate the size of sugared sodas.
How did I go from Donuts to Soda in one breath?
Sugar...sweets...national holidays...laws...think about it...they are all connected.
Happy Weekend 
Happy National Doughnut Day!


sista # 2 said...

HaHa! I did not know this ;) I would have sent Krispy Kremes with my son on his scout over-nighter ;) His favorite food!!

john said...

Maybe it's for the best but I cannot find a decent donut in St. George! No Krispy Kremes, no Dunkin Donuts, not even a Winchells!