Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off We Go

As I was packing for Young Women Camp, I remembered a very important supply...
This was bequeathed to us from John Klemas after his many years of faithful Cub Scout Leadership. Under the direction of John Klemas, Pack 110 presented a "Snipe Hunting" booth at a District Scout Show many years ago. John left no detail uncovered in his elaborate display. At the end of the Scout Show...Pack 110 won 1st place for the most creative, informational, etc. display. Serious. Very fun times, indeed. All of my little Cub Scouts grew up, became Eagles, served missions, attended college, married in the temple (if they are married), and have been wonderful citizens. It was a wonderful time in life.
Now....on to Young Women Camp.
I went to camp for many years as a Stake and Ward Young Women President and a Camp DIrector, all those years I never though I would have daughters of my own someday.
Well, that day is here. 
My own daughters go to YW Camp.
Katherine is attending YW Camp for her 4th year.
Megan is a 1st year.
We leave tomorrow and I have packed the original Snipe Hunting Gunnysack.
Hope we catch a few this year.
I'll be out in the woods for the next week so posting will be light to non-existent.

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