Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome Summer

Today is the last day of public school here.
Megan is bringing  a few friends home for an end of the year party.
This is how they will be greeted in my kitchen...
 Megan has heard the stories of what her older brother, Curt, did on the last day of school. She attends the same school and is happy to start up and carry on the tradition. Everyone attending the party is invited to bring their old school papers for an end of the school year bonfire. Of course, it will be supervised by dad and mom. We will enjoy s'mores, swimming, Magic:The Gathering card game tournaments, food, games, fun, and hopefully a little sleep tonight.
Katherine's school is in session one more week, however, tomorrow is her last full day of school ( that is what we requested from the school) Hopefully between today and tomorrow, she will complete her work in a satisfactory manner and won't have to return next week for tests or projects.
This school schedule is what brought us to attend Young Women Camp with another Stake and Ward. It has turned in to more than a temporary visit and has blessed our lives in so many ways.
The youth and their leaders are incredible. There is a strong spirit of love and unity in the entire youth program. It is a blessing to associate with such fine youth.
The location of this camp is actually closer to our house and very convenient to get to and from in case Katherine needs to go to school for any reason next week. It is looking like she won't, but I am not holding my breath. It is all working out the way it was meant to on so many levels. The Lord is taking care of us as He always does.
I offered to drive the girls or help in any way they need. As it turns out, I have been helping with a few pre-camp items and will be at camp all week. None of the Ward leaders can stay for the full week, but at least one of them will be there all the time. I look forward to this experience. Because we know so many people in this new Stake, it will be fun to re-connect as well as make new acquaintances.
Welcome Summer!!!!!!!!

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