Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrate Andrew!

July 3, 1986
The world became a better place.
Our 3rd son, Andrew arrived weighing in at 8lbs 6oz
Happy Birthday, Andrew!!!!!
Do you realize that Andrew was the youngest child for almost 12 years
and ended up as the Middle child.
I hope these photos put a smile on your face as you walk down memory lane. 
I chose photos from between 1993-1998.
Some are Birthday celebrations and all of them are evidence of 
the great love and support you have from so many people.
Life is good. 
Slam Dunk with a little help at our house in Royal Palm Beach
 Birthday Party at Dubois Park 1998

 Snowy Spring Break in Utah 1993. We arrived with no winter clothing (it was SPRING, we thought) Ron took the boys to DI (Deseret Industries) to outfit them with warm clothing, hence a Ute cap and Miami Dolphins scarf.
 Marathon RISK Game with cousins. Summer 1998

On the way to Sea Camp Fall 1997 with Nick D Alessandro
With 3-day old Katherine-March 1997
Bowling Birthday Party July 1997
TGIFriday Pie in The Face Birthday Surprise 1997
With Siblings and Cousins July 1997
Summer 1997 with Katherine
Summer 1993 Preparing to install large patio on back of Royal Palm Beach House
Baptism July 1994
Birthday with cousins in Royal Palm Beach 1994
a little trivia...this was the summer that Atlanta hosted the
Summer Olympic Games...note the essays on the wall behind 
Andrew. They were Jeffrey and Andrew's school assignments.
I know the subject was Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Cousins Joel and Ashley are helping with the cake
Backyard Trampoline fun 1995 "Take That"
This was a great back yard.
This was the beginning of the Lighthouse KIng art
At Jenni and Robert's Wedding
Lion House December 1995
At the hospital when Katherine was a few hours old.
March 1997. I have photos of all the boys like this...
The nurse walked in, took a look, and just walked right back out.
1993 Spring Break visiting The Hansen cousins in American Fork
Summer 1998 Palmyra Pageant with The Hoglund Cousins.
We had a visit from a couple of Nephite Warriors prior to the show.

 With Brother Bucklew at Scout Court of Honor 1998

After Scout Camp...a nice long bath
 Christmas 1998 with Dad, Brothers, and Uncle Brent
Camping with D'Allesandro Family 1998

Welcome Home from
Washington DC Safety Patrol Trip
Spring 1998
Dubois Beach 1998

 Birthday at Mc Donalds on Southern (no longer there)
 Wellington Ward Primary 1995
 Utah 1998

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john said...

re: the 1st picture...'Drew can still do the same thing but now doesn't need a ladder!