Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blessing of Technology

This is my favorite type of text message...
Photos with the sweet grandbabies in every day life.
This is an example of technology blessing my life.
Here is Desmond who has had enough of Church for one day.
 Here is Riley at Church...note they have the same carpet
 Riley at the park
 Alison and Riley a few days before Riley took off walking on his own
 Bath time for Riley. 
 Now Riley can walk, he does the family shopping.
It looks like he will choose his own flavor of yogurt!
 And now that the number 1 little Gator can walk...he'll just walk to the
Gator games each Saturday.
I remember when my boys started walking. They walked for a few days and then they RAN. FAST. ZOOM. ZIP. And they could CLIMB even higher (like to the top of the refrigerator) One day, Curt helped Jeffrey climb to the top of the refrigerator and then shuttled the Cheerios box up to him. They were happy to sit up there and snack on Cheerios. It made my heart skip a beat, but they were happy as pigs in mud (or little boys on top of a  refrigerator)

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