Monday, September 3, 2012


True to Labor Day weekend history, there is post-hurricane clean-up all over the southeastern United States today. We had 2 days of heavy rain and the worst FLOODING I have ever seen in Wellington or the Western Communities of Palm Beach County (Royal Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, The Acreage)

Here is Megan swimming in the canal that is normally our road.
(This was when the water was fairly fresh. I would not have let anyone in the water as it began to sit for days and days all over western Palm Beach County. There is  strong stench as the waters go down and leave all the critters to die in our yards and streets)
View from our front yard
From our front door. 
 From our front door 
(note the mailbox across the street is knocked over due to the wake from a truck flying through the deep waters)
 Our Mailbox and front yard
 Water starting to go down. 
View from our front porch.
You can see the water level lines from earlier in the day.
 From the garage door
 Utility vehicles ready at The South Florida Fairgrounds
staging area (this area has been used as a staging area for many 
disasters ever since Hurricane Andrew in 1992)
 More utility vehicles at the fairgrounds ready to roll out.
 Entrance to Palm Beach International Equestrian Center
The water on the right is covering one of the many practice rings.
 Entrance to Palm Beach International Equestrian Center
The main road was completely under water.
Considering were 250 miles away from the storm, we experience high winds and rain like I have never seen in all my years of living in south Florida. We feel blessed that our house was not flooded inside. So many areas were hit hard in this area. Finally, all schools Public schools will be in session again tomorrow. Back to the school routine and as normal as possible.

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