Monday, September 24, 2012


Random photos of the house progress.
Paint Paint Paint on every wall in every room.
I did something I have never done before-I hired a decorator to help me choose colors and give me some input on other areas of the new house. Actually, I hired 2 decorators. One did not charge me and one charged a very minimal fee. I would have spent that money on paint samples and running back and for to the paint store. It was time and money well spent. It gave me the courage to move forward with colors and design.
You will have to wait and see which of these made the "cut"
 We have 3 painters working every day and Ron did the majority of the prep work for the walls.
There was so much prep work as there were nails all over the walls. The former owner was an
art collector and the walls were covered with art.
This little cubby is so cute. Trying to figure out the best way to decorate it
To the right, is the dining room.
 More colors colors colors

 The Breakfast Nook. This will be fun to jazz up.
The office/den. I took some of my accent colors from this rug.
I'll post a better photo when I take one
It looks like we will be able to move after this weekend.

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