Sunday, September 23, 2012


So my rusty, dusty brain has studied, memorized, practiced, and prepared for this important day.
Today concluded my 4 week Real Estate Sales Associate Course.
I have been attending classes 3 nights per week since August 24.
Yesterday and today were the "cram" days as the material was reviewed for today's final test.
Before taking the State licensing test, each student must pass the classroom final test.
It is the biggest test I have prepared for in many years.
Three hours are allotted for this test of 100 questions (10 of them were maaaaath!)
If a student passes, it is on to preparing for the State License test.
If a student does not pass, it is back to class, reviewing, memorizing, and re-taking the test.
Guess what?
I am not preparing for the State License Test...Yet.
I have to pass the class test first!
I'll get there, it just didn't happen today.

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