Thursday, October 25, 2012

Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John Seminary Activity

Hurricane Sandy is getting closer to our area so today was our "Friday".
We work hard all week in class and I like to use Friday as a review and change of pace. We clean up our room and move to the Cultural Hall for the last 15-20 minutes of class time. I plan something lively and interactive to reinforce what we have been learning all week.
Today we played "Apostles Turnover"...what do you mean you haven't played Apostle's Turnover? Well, have you played Fruit Basket Turnover? If so, then you have played Apostles Turnover.
Click HERE for directions to this game. 
The Seminary adaptation is that instead of everyone receiving the names of a fruit...they were Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John. When it was time to say "Fruit Basket Turnover" the person in the middle said, "Apostles Turnover" 
Below are some pics of the game. Some of the kids have had homecoming activities at their schools this week, hence the costume-type dress. Watch for my separate blog of Seminary ideas. I have so many I want to share and it will be easier to get them all in one place. It looks like I will be hunkered down trying to stay dry as the feeder bands from Hurricane Sandy dump on my area all weekend. School closes early today and totally tomorrow. Happy Weekend all!

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