Thursday, November 22, 2012


It's not about the house, but it is totally about the house.
I am grateful for the miracles that led us to our new home, and in many ways, our new life. We only moved across town, but it feels like we moved much farther. We left an area of town we have been in for 23 years and changed Wards and Stakes, which is always a big change. We left many people who are near and dear to us, but I realize they are a short drive across town so I don't focus on missing people.
Everything we do is close to home now. Our driving time has been drastically cut, something we needed more than we realized.
Although I am very grateful for this house and location, I am most thankful for the Lord's hand in my life and all the events that led us to this home. I have felt his guidance and protection more this year than in past years. I know he is always there, but this past year, there has been no doubt.
I am thankful for the amazing people I know from many walks of life. I am a product of the love and support of so many good people throughout my entire life.
On this day of giving thanks, my heart is full. Life is very good.

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