Sunday, January 20, 2013


In my previous post, I wrote that I am ready to return to posting on this blog. The posts will be very random, yet meaningful. On January 2, my Uncle Lawrence Hansen, passed away in American Fork, Utah. On January 5, I was on a plane headed to Utah for his funeral. When someone lives 91 years, it is more of a celebration of a life well lived and the knowledge that he is with loved ones on the other side of the veil. He is with my Aunt Marilyn and I have no doubt that it has been a glorious reunion. 

Here are some photos that one of the Hansen cousins scanned and shared. We have had a lot of fun reminiscing about what was going on at the time of each photo, where they were taken, etc. I am looking forward to more.

The funeral was Monday, January 8. I was honored to be one of the speakers at the funeral service. It was a COLD snowy day and even colder at the cemetery. The day was complete with funeral potatoes, jello salads, ham, and rolls. I am always humored by the fact that they actually call them funeral potatoes in Utah and many Mormon circles. 

This photo was taken at the Hansens Orchard Avenue house in American Fork. It was before the house next door was built. We used to play in that empty lot and later Uncle Lawrence had it sodded and it became a great place for outdoor games and fun. The boys camped in tents there during the summer 
(I was too afraid to stay outside all night)  I am the only girl (back row to the left) and I think this is the dress I wore most every day. This was taken around 1965-1966 when I was in Kindergarten and we still lived in American Fork.
 This is the only photo with all of Lawrence and Marilyn's children.
Two are Navajo Indian Foster Children
One is Lawrence's son, Larry, from his first marriage and his wife is included in this photo.
Story goes that Lynn (center row to the far left) has his hand on his knees so his pinky ring will show in the photo. We laughed about Darlene (back row on the right) how she ratted up her hair (and everyone else's) as high as she could possibly get it. 
I love my cousins and feel blessed I could see all of them at their father's funeral. I am thankful for the many summers spent in Utah with my family.

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