Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekend Update

It seems  that I post on my Seminary At Six AM blog a little more often than here. 
Probably because that is where I spend most of my time and energy all week.
As a Seminary teacher, Friday takes on an entirely new meaning.
I look forward to not setting my alarm for 4:45 on Friday night.
I love my students (all 24 of them) and I love studying the New Testament.

I also LOVE my family and enjoyed a stop at our favorite
ice cream spot tonight...Sloan's at City Place.

Megan is wearing her new $7 Florida Gators hoodie. This is a happy time of year for the bargain hunter in me. Also note the sunglasses on her head. She has a new found love for wearing them 24/7. We have had to explain why she should not wear them at night or inside at any time of day. She is scheduled for a haircut next week. We'll see what she decided for the length. I am guessing just a few inches off the ends.

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