Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Is In The Yard

This is how I met my neighbors at my old house and it is the same way
 I am meeting neighbors at my new house...
 I put out my large Easter eggs and everyone wants to know where they can get some for their yards. Even though our yard is surrounded by a tall hedge, I found a great place for my large Easter eggs. Everyone in the neighborhood (all 39 homes) has to come to our cul-de-sac to retrieve their mail so the Easter eggs are the talk of the neighborhood. People are knocking on my door to ask where I got them and how do I store them year round.
 In our front yard...Not seen from the road but when someone enters the gate they are greeted by more eggs in the yard, the gate, the front door, and on my windows.
 The landscape and yard crews tossed all my eggs in to our yard behind the tall hedge this week. In all the years I have had these eggs out (2 other houses), I have never had the lawn crews move them. Oh well. They are back in place now.
 This is the gate from the driveway to the front yard.
 My felt egg garland from Target. They are a fun addition to the decorations this year.

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