Wednesday, April 3, 2013

General Conference Preparation

This is the week to prepare spiritually and physically for LDS General Conference.
In addition to personal preparations, I am working with my family and my Seminary class to help them have a positive General Conference experience.
This message, An Ensign To The Nations, by Elder Jeffrey R Holland is beautiful and sets the tone for a meaningful preparation and viewing experience. We watched and read it in Seminary this morning. I love Elder Holland and look forward to every word he says this weekend.

In addition to the spiritual preparations, I am planning our menus for Saturday and Sunday. I know breakfast on Sunday will include French Toast Casserole but I am still deciding on the other meals and snacks.
Saturday night while Ron is attending the  General Priesthood Session, we will go on our traditional Mother-Daughter Dinner Date.

Happy General Conference Preparations and Watching!

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