Friday, June 7, 2013

Can You Feel It?

Andrew has been driving from Utah to Florida via Major League Ballparks and College Football stadiums and locker rooms.
He stopped in Gainesville to spend a few days with Jeff, Alison, and Riley. Today, he will stop in Orlando to visit with my brother, Brent and my parents.
Sometime tonight, he will finally be HOME here in South Florida.
A trip to Costco is in order and some fun menus are planned. I love cooking for a crowd that actually eats.
Andrew will only be home fr 5 days before he leaves for Peru where he will spend 3 weeks on an internship experience.
Then he is back home and ready for the post-college graduation season of his life. He will do big and great things!!
Summer is officially here. School was out yesterday (and I don't have one photo to prove it :) ) We had crazy tornadoes and floods to end the school year.
Can you feel it? The energy is shifting? Andrew and summer arriving all at once.
Bring it on!
Life is good.

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