Thursday, June 20, 2013


One of the blessings about our new Ward is the opportunities to serve.

Two weeks ago, Megan was sustained and set apart as the Sacrament Bread Coordinator. She makes whole wheat bread for our Sacrament each week, initially this began as a Young Women Personal Progress Values Project. At the time she was called, it was explained to her that she does not need to make the bread every week but is responsible to make sure there is bread there. For now, she continues to make the bread. This has also started a little business for her as she has regular customers who buy loaves of her homemade bread each week.

Last Sunday, Katherine was sustained and set apart as the Assistant Ward Organist. Since our organ has the "auto play" feature, she is learning two things: 1) How to program the organ 2) How to play the organ. We can't wait for her to have a few days with our son, Curt, at the organ. He was called as a Ward Organist at 12 years old and it blessed our Ward and him. Katherine has put faith in her setting apart blessing and spends a lot of time practicing. I note an improvement every time she sits down to play.

Life is good.

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