Monday, July 22, 2013

Attack of the Crazed Seagull

This past Friday, Ron and I spent the day on St Petersburg Beach on the west coast of Florida. It was a perfect day, in spite of being ambushed by a crazed seagull.
I was eating cheese puffs one and a time. As I was holding one in my hand a few inches from my lips, a seagull came at top speed from behind, snatched the cheese puff, and nipped my lip.
Once I was over the shock, we laughed. The laughter slowed down when we broke our our sandwiches and realized we would have to be very sneaky if we wanted to eat in peace.
When it came time to eat our sandwiches, we had to hold them under a towel and basically be sneaky eaters with every bite. The mere sound of cellophane or paper rustling and the signal was out to the flock. As the day went on, got creative in my "scare" techniques. Clapping my flip flops together loudly seemed to be more effective than kicking sand at them.
In all of my years enjoying the beach, I have never seen such aggressive seagulls. One thing for sure, it made for a memorable beach trip. It is an experience we will talk about long after our wicked sunburns fade.

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