Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dear Costco

While on vacation in the Washington DC area, I visited the Arlington Costco. It was a beautiful store. Quickly I noticed features that I have not seen in other Costco Warehouse stores...Seriously...Gelato made fresh DAILY, A Belgian Chocolate Shop, and Chocolate replicas of the USA Capital and Pentagon buildings????
When will these exciting choices be available at any of the Costco Warehouses in the West Palm Beach area??? Please Please Please?
I can see it now... Chocolate Palm Trees, Flamingos,The Breakers Hotel, Alligators, Dolphin, Cruise Ships, and so forth.
As for the Gelato...I'm already dreaming of it. 
 The USA Capitol Building is available in White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate
(I am trying to figure out how to get one home on the plane)
 The Chocolate Shop featuring hand crafted Belgian Chocolates
The price, quality and detail are the usual Costco "Best of the Best"
 I am already a huge fan of yours, Costco, and adding these options to any of the Costco Warehouse stores in the West Palm Beach area will increase my already deep loyalty!
Your loyal customer.

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john said...

I hope Katie doesn't see this!!!!!!