Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sticky Playing Cards?

One of our favorite activities when we are with family is a spirited (that is putting it mildly) game of Phase 10. 
One of the challenges we had last week had little to do with the game, yet everything to do with the cards...yes the sticky cards. We have 3 decks of Phase 10 cards and all of them get sticky over time. As with any problem, I embarked on a google search to see if there was a solution to the sticky card issue. It did not take long to find many solutions, yet there was one remedy that consistently appeared...Talc, Corn Starch, or Baby Powder. Yep!  Put the deck of cards in a brown bag and shake with one of the above. Wipe them off and the cards will slide as good as new. HERE is the link to Heloise's answer. 
Next time we play...we can give our full focus to THE GAME, not the sticky cards.

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