Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keeping It Real

"The storm before the calm"
This is the time of year where I will start posting more on on my Seminary Blog than here.
Today, I gathered every Seminary supply from last year and for the coming year and made a huge pile. I brought things home from my closet at the Church building and it was time to sort, purge, organize, and prepare the final details for next week.
Just to keep it is what my kitchen table looked like all afternoon and evening...
This looks like a huge mess at first glance, however, to me it meant progress and it felt so good to have it all organized by the end of the evening. I like having all of this organized so I can focus on the truly important aspects of teaching Seminary. It is difficult to feel the spirit amid chaos so this was an important step in preparing for the Seminary year.
Thankfully our recycling is picked up tomorrow. I added a huge stack of papers to the yellow bin.
I am excited for Monday. 23 students are registered so far!

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