Monday, September 2, 2013

A Laborious Labor Day

We have a very fun, cute, beautiful yard to enjoy and take care of.
We have been in this house almost a year and finally we are able to
work on some re-landscaping, clean-up, planting, etc.
It was hot, hot, hot as we worked today on Labor Day but I am hoping that 
as the weather cools, we can continue to work on creating and maintaining
our yard. We have a beautiful canvas to start with.
This first photo is from our front yard looking at the back of the gate that leads out to our driveway and front of the house. Our entire yard is behind/inside this hedge and gate. Our neighborhood HOA President would like us to remove the gate so our yard can be seen ( read , so HE can see) but the gate and privacy is one of the things I love about this house and yard.
 We accomplished A LOT before the rain had other plans for our afternoon. 

A laborious Labor Day, indeed.

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