Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Welcome Fall

At least, welcome fall decorations! 
My decorations are the only sign of a season change here in South Florida (unless you count the start of school, college football, and hours of homework each evening)
At this time last year, we were in the depths of packing and moving so I did not bother to display any of our fall decorations at either house. When our car got stolen (at the new house) ALL of my decorations were in the back of the car packed in large tubs. Miraculously, Ron found them a few days later at the site where our car had been abandoned after the thugs ran out all the gas and stripped it of any and every thing that could be sold. Thankfully, they saw no value in the tubs of pumpkins and fall leaves, which were the most valuable items to me as they have been collected over many years and are irreplaceable compared to tires, DVD players, GPS, etc. To this day, I consider it a tender mercy to have these decorations back. 

When I opened up my two fall wreathes, they fell apart. For 8 years they brought beauty to my entry doors at our other house, but they were in such shambles, they could not even be repaired. I think extreme heat got to them. I looked and looked around town for a new wreath but did not find anything I really liked or wanted to pay a high price for (yikes on some of the prices) Sooooo, I made this wreath for around $10 and it is hanging on my front door. It is one-of-a-kind and it was fun to have a productive creative outlet that was not Seminary-related.

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