Monday, October 7, 2013

All In A Day's Work (Sort of)

I got home from a quick trip to Utah last weekend (not a quick return flying stand-by, but the price was right and I got to see my sweet grand babies, so I am not complaining one bit) and realized that the next lesson I would teach introduced the liahona to Lehi's family. I had expected to be home earlier in the week to prepare but all of the sudden, this important lesson was staring me in the face.
I was looking for a picture on the internet that I could print out and use as a visual aid, but, as with most of my lessons, a picture for something this prominent in The Book of Mormon wouldn't do.
I still needed to un-pack and get settled from being gone,but Megan needed some supplies for a school project which led led me to an afternoon adventure.
I was walking through Michael's Arts & Craft store when I spotted an intricately carved metal pumpkin.
This Seminary teacher's brain did not see a pumpkin. I saw a potential liahona! (I can't help myself!)
I bought the pumpkin and by late afternoon, I had turned it in to a liahona, and it was ready to be found outside our "tent" aka classroom door, the next morning.

Click HERE for details and more photos.
The "Before"

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