Friday, October 25, 2013

Precious Memories

This why I have my love/hate relationship with Facebook.
When my cousin posts photos like this, I cannot love Facebook enough...
Such precious memories.
Each photos tells many stories.
I love spending time with my cousins
 This was taken in 1963-1964 when Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Marilyn were building their house on Orchard Avenue. We are standing at the then back door which is now the family room. I remember this day clearly and could not understand why so many people wanted to take pictures of us.
 This was a very fun day!
Note Uncle Lawrence's work truck in the back and the family camping trailer.
This was taken and Uncle Lawrence and Aunt Marilyn's house on State Street around 1962.
Again so many stories to tell from one picture.
I am front and center with Darlene and her brothers in the background.
I am so grateful to have copies of these photos.
More to share as time allows.

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