Sunday, January 19, 2014

All State Vocal 2014

One day back to school and then 3 days off for a trip to Tampa as Katherine participated in All State Vocal in the High School Girls Honors Choir. I am always overwhelmed at the energy and talent at these events. It is humbling to have one of my children have the blessing of participating is something like this.
 Prior to her performance after  two 12 hour days of rehearsal.
 Prior to her performance
 All the hard work comes together
 The All State Concert Band joined them conducted by the
Florida State band assistant conductor.
 The ride home called for a warm dinner.
Guess where?????
 Trying to beat the almost impossible game...
 Taking my turn...
I am so grateful for this experience Katherine had. She worked very hard to get there and was with the best of the best all weekend.

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