Friday, June 20, 2014

7-Up Lifting Ways To Enjoy Girls Camp

Our 2014 Girls Camp theme, "Look Up" 
Thank you to Colette at My Computer Is My Canvas for creating 
these adorable tags that were perfect for our theme:
 At check in and registration, this was the 
"Welcome to Camp" gift.
This was the first of many surprises the girls would receive
during the week. The tags on each goody were laminated and the the
girls were encouraged to keep them in their journals or scriptures
as bookmarks.
 I joke that, as a young woman, 
I attended camp and learned how to tie knots just so I could 
tie ribbons and beautiful bows as an adult ( it is actually not a joke)
My ribbon stash came in handy as I prepared camp goodies for 130 girls and their leaders.

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J-ME said...

Turned out darling! The original idea for this 7up tag came from this girls camp version of Marci's original idea was found at