Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunday Night Dessert

I would post a photo of our own version of this cake, but I just lost 2 years' worth of photos on my phone. I had saved all except the last 2 days, which included a photo of this cake. I may get them back once I work with the Apple genius. I think this happened once before and all turned out well in the end. Fingers crossed.

Anyhow, Katherine made this for us Sunday and we shared it with friends that evening.

The above photo is from Betty Crocker and HERE is the recipe from the same site.
These are the variations/recommendations for tweaking this recipe:
1) Use real homemade caramel sauce
2) Use REAL whipping cream
3) Use Heath candy bars, broken in to pieces
4) Top with chopped nuts
5) Serve with extra whipped cream, if desired

We used a devil's food cake mix, but any moist chocolate cake (mix or from scratch) will work

It is Tuesday and there is not one crumb left.

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john said...

You are SO bad! I'm trying to LOSE weight!!!! (this looks almost as good as your banana split cake)!