Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve

While Katherine is making Swedish meatballs, Megan sets a beautiful table for us. One of our traditions is for everyone to have a Christmas "cracker" or "party popper" at their place setting.
At the beginning of the meal, we have everyone pop open their cracker. Inside there is a silly tissue paper hat, small toys, and a paper with jokes, trivia facts and questions, and quotes. It makes for a lively start to the dinner and gets everyone talking as some years, our guests do not know each other very well. Last night, we had 4 missionaries, 1 family who is new to our Ward, and 1 family we have known for a few years now.
 One of our guests brought these adorable Grinch Santa appetizers.
 The same guests brought these cupcakes that are as delicious as they look
 A few of our guests
 Baby Jesus with his mom before he joined Mary and Joseph
 Megan was a shepherd this year with an unusual menagerie for her flock
 She was a a kilt-wearing shepherd
 Joseph and Mary were great sports and baby Jesus was happy to join them

 Ron reads the account of Christ's birth from Luke chapter 1 and the kids take their cues from the scriptures as to when to travel, worship, praise, etc.
 Again, our kilt-wearing shepherd with her creative flock
 Baby Jesus , Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherd
 The arrival of the Wise men (women) who worshiped the Christ child on bended knee.
 This was one of the first years Megan was not a donkey. I think a kilt-wearing-shepherd suits her well
 Later in the evening, the gifts started to pile around the tree. This was the gift Megan wrapped for me. I was wondering where all the bows went so quickly...I was also wondering where my car keys went...until I opened box after box and layer after layer of this gift only to find my car keys wrapped in tissue in the very last small box.
 Time to open the Christmas eve gift
 Christmas eve gift...what could it be?
 And the Christmas eve gift opening is underway!
 You are never too old for Christmas Jammies...ever
 And you are never to old for MATCHING Christmas Jammies!
 In their Christmas Jammies ready to go to bed and wait all night to see what Santa brought.
That magic never gets old. I loved lying in bed on Christmas eve as a little girl and imagining where Santa was and wondering when he wold stop at my house.
 Santa found Andrew at our house even though he is not here until Saturday.
The stockings are filled

 Stockings are ready to peek inside
 Andrew has a filled stocking and more
 One of my favorite times of the Christmas season is Christmas eve after the kids are in bed, the gifts are put out and the house is quiet. All the rush of the Christmas season is over and I know I did my best to prepare and make the season enjoyable for my family and those around me.
I love this peaceful time after all the preparations have been made and we anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
 A beautiful time of the Christmas season.
Merry Christmas

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