Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Womens Day

Celebrating the women in my life on this International Women's Day
I stand on the shoulders of many amazing women 
who have helped me do what I know is right, even when it is difficult or not popular.
Women who have marched, stood up, and been world changers.
Women who have taught me how to love and forgive.
Women who have taught me that people and relationships are much more important than things.
Women who have taught me I can do anything yet I know I don't have to do everything.
My life is blessed by good women past and present
To the all the women in my life, I am grateful for you!
I miss President Gordon B Hinkley. He was a champion of women. 
The quote below was from an address given at the National Press Club in 2000. 
Read the full text HERE

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