Friday, September 19, 2008

"NO" Love Notes

"NO".... is what the note on my kitchen counter said a few weeks ago. This was the not the first "NO" note I have been greeted with. My ever romantic, ever efficient husband left me a love note...."NO". On super efficient days, he just calls up the stairs...."NO".
After twenty eight years of marriage, I know exactly what he means.
Written or verbal, the "NO" speaks volumes to me.
Our morning routine goes something like this....
6:30am Ron wake up, shower, and dress.
6:45am Ron stirs the girls (all of us) and then heads down the stairs to take
Mr Riley (the D*#% Dog) out for his morning routine.
Sounds simple...take the dog out, let him do his business, and be back in to meet the family for prayer by 7.
If Mr. Riley were a simple dog...the answer would be a YES, however,
Mr Riley will not do his #2 Business unless we (read, Ron) walk and walk and walk and walk him.
All the while we have to watch and watch and watch him.
So it goes...back and forth, back and forth,
Throw in a few words of encouragement along the watch/walk.
(I have done it enough to know the routine)
This dog will not "perform" unless all attention is on him.
Sometimes, Mr Riley is just not ready to get down to business,
and in the same breath, Ron has to get on to his Own Business...aka leave for work.
Hence the "NO" note on the counter....or the "NO" call up the means "NO POO" from Mr Riley this morning...your turn to try.
The communication in our marriage amazes me. One word, one look is all it takes.
We can complete each other's sentences, we can read each other's minds.
That's what it's all about! What a team we make!
Mr Riley is darn lucky to have us as parents. Darn Lucky.
Impressive Communication Skills, huh?
Can't wait to see the depth we reach at our 35 year mark....

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