Friday, September 19, 2008

You Gotta Love A Bargain

Consignment Shop Find
Look at Katherine's hand... the number of fingers up is the
number of dollars paid for this abercrombie T-Shirt.
We purchased a Green Hollister T-Shirt for the same price!
Where Oh Where? You are asking...
My favorite Consignment Shop in Palm Beach County.
The Red Balloon
Starting with my first family back in 1981....I have been a
loyal Customer and Consigner.
With many Consignment and Thrift Shops, is it hit or miss.
I always HIT on at least one exciting find when visiting
The Red Balloon.
Katherine and Megan's Nursery was furnished and decorated,
for the most part, from Red Balloon finds.
The most expensive part
of their Nursery was purchasing the NEW Wallpaper Border
to match the Like-New Bedding, Curtains, and Crib.
The Red Balloon in NOT just for children.
They have a great Grown Up Section.
Their Special Occasion Clothing is where I find great
outfits for the holiday season.
Check them out if you are in Palm Beach County.
What is the best Second Hand Item you have ever
Don't you just love a Bargain?
Do You have a favorite spot to Bargain Hunt?

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3girlsmom said...

we love the goodwill, my girls and i. our best find was a purse for gracie that was $.99 and then when we got home we found a $20 gift card from target in it!