Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ode To The DVR

The DVR is set! One of my must see shows starts tonight!
Say it...I know...I need a life! It is this and all the news programs....
and The Office. What a mix!
Actually, I am cutting the news programs way back..too depressing!
I am already over the upcoming election and
most every overly saturated news event.
Speaking of TV Shows.... Elizabeth Smart was interviewed
by my friend, Oprah, last week. Can I just tell you...she (Elizabeth)
is amazing! Read that as AMAZING!
Later, I will post some of my thoughts from that interview.
The beauty of DVR once again. I caught the interview while
reviewing the past week's shows set to record
automatically. Love that DVR! The TV no longer rules! So
much time saved...like for blogging and important other 'stuff".
What show(s) do you look forward to?
Do You Use a DVR?
What shows do you automatically record?

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love.boxes said...

I love this show! It's so amazing and inspiring!!