Friday, September 26, 2008

Utah, Food Groups, and Cute Hair

Eating My Way Through Utah...
If you have been get it.
Today, I was discussing my recent trip to Utah with
my Family Doctor.
I realized that if I shared the following with her,
she may not "get it" and prescribe something for me I
simply do not need.
(Although, this would have explained the weight gain
from this past questions asked)
Really and truly, they do..... and it's a good thing.
What, you ask are those food groups?
Fry Sauce
Ice Cream (in any form)
Candy (ALL types)
Cafe Rio
Desserts (Other than Candy and Ice Cream)
BREAD (not just grains, but the best homemade bread)
The Nauvoo Cafe
Parkers Drive In (At least for me)

In fact, while I was visiting Utah a few weeks ago, I even
received an e-mail from my sister telling me not to miss
the V Chocolates at a kiosk in the mall. Like me, she lives no
where near Utah, but appreciates the Food Groups in Utah.
See, I am not the only one who looks forward to eating my way
through Utah.
And while we are on Utah....what is with everyone having the SAME
haircut? OK, only every other person. Blond and CUTE hair. I think
I'll be sporting one of those cuts next week after my hair appointment.
(Not the Blond Part, just the cut)
If I lived there, I would most likely not get one of those cute cuts
because I would want to look different than everyone else...but here...
it will be different from everyone else in town...sort of.
It will be a Cute Utah cut with a Welly-world twist.
I took photos of complete strangers with cute hair just
to make sure I could explain what I want to my hair stylist.
I am sure they are still talking about me today.
(That crazy tourist from Florida wanted photos of my HAIR!)
Oh well, I will have cute hair....and after all, I'll never see them again.
I am sure they are happy to know I have left town and will not be
asking to take a photo of their cute hair again.
OK, back to the food thing.
Do you see why my Doctor would have thought me to be crazy?
Unless you have been just won't get it.
What Utah Food Group did I miss?
There are so many extras!
What is your Favorite Food In Utah?
OK, that was not a fair question....
What are some of your Favorite Foods in Utah?
Did you ever think Unique Food Groups and
Cute Hair could have anything in common?
In Utah they do...and I am happy for that!
Happy Weekend Everyone!
I can feel it....this weekend is going to be wonderful.


superherotrainer said...

Gandolfo's has the best sandwiches. It is a must for Retep and I anytime we are in Provo. I just looked at their website and it looks like they are all over UT. My favorite is the Burning Bridge and Retep's is The Russian. Try it out!

Eric said...

I've never had anything I didn't like at Cafe Rio, you can't go wrong there. However, we paid high dollar a while back and went to Ruby River and I had one of the best meals of my life It's worth going there for sure, but not often and not with the kidlets.

I eat a lot of Subway honestly, not exactly a Utah original like the Training Table. I've been thinking of trying out Gandolfo's. I think Superherotrainer's comments may have coerced me to give it a try.

Cindy J. said...

I heard you were interested in duplicating the "Utah Poof" in South Florida. Would that make it the "Florida Frizz"? The humidity might actually come in handy! I found these pics of what celebrities would look like if they moved to Utah. It's hilarious! You'll recognize the towns.

The hairstyle I think you are talking about on your blog is really called the stacked bob haircut, also called a graduated bob.
Good luck with the new "doo".

Love, Cindy

superherotrainer said...

Can I just say to Cindy thanks for the link it was hilarious!