Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week One Report

In Andrew's Words...
After his first full week at LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, This is Andrew's report:
"This is a great school. I am surprised more people don't come here to get their first two years done. Cheap, Small, and GREAT Atmosphere."
Yes, Andrew, I agree. It is far cry from when I attended LDSBC 30 years ago. With the new campus and facilities, LDSBC will not be a well kept secret for much longer. In addition to the great academic experience, I am so happy you can attend Church right on Campus and have a meal plan. Back in the day, I had to go to the UofU for Church. Not too convenient when none of us had cars and the buses did not run often on Sundays. As for meals, I had to cook. Not a problem, but try going grocery shopping without a car and the Grocery Store was too far to walk to and from anyhow. Having Male Dorms is a new addition, also. I will say, the Girls' Dorms at the old campus were nice, but we were just a little too far from the center of things to be without a car. Your are set up for success all the way around. I am so excited for you. Love, Mom


sista # 2 said...

Sounds great! So many improvements
in 30 years :)Very cool.

Ellie said...

Hi! I was searching blogs for LDSBC content, I'm also a student here. I was looking at your blog and saw your son Andrew-I know him, He just ate some breakfast with me. What a small world!


love.boxes said...

The campus is one of the prettiest around and close to EVERYTHING!!