Saturday, September 13, 2008

Parkers Drive In...Part Of A Wonderful Day

My Favorite Place To Eat In Utah!
5th East and State Street
I say it often, it is easy to eat my way through Utah.
The food is sooooo darn good in every corner of Utah.
Parkers is at the top of my places to stop for....
Burgers, Fries, Fry Sauce (the best) Fresh Limes,
Real Cherry Cokes, Brown Toppers....No, I did not eat
one of everything in one stop!
There was no question as to where my cousin, Darlene, and I
would meet for lunch.....PARKERS!
Lunch at Parkers Drive In with Darlene was part
of one of the most wonderful days I have had in a long time.
I loved every minute I spent with my dear cousin.
We had a slumber party in Salt Lake.....No one had to tell
us to be quiet, turn out the lights, or go to sleep!
Dinner was from another favorite spot....Cafe Rio. Mmmm
We visited her dad, my Uncle Lawrence. It did my heart
a world of good to spend time with Uncle Lawrence. Recently,
I have feared I would not see him before he left this earth.
Welaughed and cried and laughed and cried.
His body is failing yet his mind is sharp as ever.
He shared some stories with us from years gone by
and talked to us about his dear wife,
my Aunt Marilyn. He misses her terribly and so do I.
Seeing Dear Family, Laughing and Crying all Day,
Eating at a lifetime favorite spot,
Being in Utah, Seeing Andrew settled and happy at College.
It just all made for a great trip....even if I had to cut it short due to
the possible threat of Hurricane Ike.
This trip, I was very aware of how important it is to make an effort to
stay in touch with extended family. In my case, geography is
a challenge. Most of my relatives live in Utah. It takes a
concentrated effort to remain in contact. I am so thankful that,
as a child, once we moved away from Utah,
my parents made sure we visited our family there each
summer. The connections to my extended family will
bless my life forever.

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