Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From The Blogosphere
With Good Reason....
This Saturday, the months and months of hard work
are coming together. Working on this event has been
an amazing experience . Serving on The Executive Committee
for MSABC has given me such a view of the absolute goodness in
people right here in my own backyard as well as those from
far away. Each day, someone makes a donation, tells a story,
offers a service, etc. that touches my heart.
It is humbling to have offers come on a daily basis
from people who are struggling with tight resources,
yet they open their hearts.
Until this weekend is over, blogging will be sporadic and light to
I still have not shared my most recent answer to prayers.
It brought one of those
The prayer was answered as a result of my participation
She may tell part of my story before I post about it.
I will say this...
I am thankful I met Kristi via the Blogosphere who was featured on
Design Mom sharing the idea of GOOD MAIL that she got from the
The Blogging World is amazing and such a force for good!

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