Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference Quilts

Conference Quilts
Mother-Daughter Night.
When we are not in Salt Lake attending LDS General Conference,
(which happens at least once per year lately)
this is a tradition I hope to continue during
April and October General Conference.
While Ron was at the Priesthood Session on Saturday Night,
Katherine and Megan each made a Tied-Quilt,
with a little help from yours truly.
They selected the fabrics (so true to their personalities..Katherine's
with Cupcakes on it and Megan's with sports for a baby boy).
Each time we work on a project, the girls are more confident
to try a new skill and work on their own.
Above and Below are the Finished Products.
They chose great flannel prints and coordinating fabrics for the
backs. I did not give any input in this department. I showed them
the rows of fabrics that would be appropriate for making tied
quilts and off they went. I was impressed with their choices.
Megan's favorite part is using the sewing machine. She already
has such control as she guides the fabric. It took me years to feel
as confident on a sewing machine as she already is at 9 years
old. She was able to use many of the sewing supplies she
received for her Birthday in August.
Her own pins and pin cushion were a highlight!
Katherine liked using the sewing machine, yet LOVED sewing
with the large needles when it came time to tie the quilt with yarn.
Note the "Conference Tent" in the background..... The idea
came from this month's Friend Magazine Watching Conference
"King Benjamin" style made the weekend even more fun.
Where will these quilts go? We are hoping to children affected by
Hurricane Ike. We have a few others to add to this collection.
In years to come, I am hoping the Conference Quilt Tradition will be one
we plan and look forward to as our Mother Daughter General Conference Tradition
during The Saturday Night Priesthood Session.
Of course....we had YUMMY take out food, also!
It's not a Mother-Daughter Party without the Food!
Can I just say... General Conference alone brings such a powerful spirit
to our lives and our home.
However, the sweetness of that powerful spirit was magnified
as we were making these quilts with the desire to serve someone in need
. Do you ever have a weekend that you just don't want to end?
This past weekend would be in the category!
It was wonderful.

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evjohnson said...

I wanna learn to make one that looks like those... can you teach me... call me next time you are getting together with your girls to make them... I am free all the time!