Sunday, October 5, 2008

LDS General Conference

The Music....Especially The Primary Children's Choir at the Saturday Afternoon Session! Nothing can reach down deep in my soul as Inspirational Music. When the Children sang, We Thank Thee, O God For A Prophet"....Oh My.
A Temple in my former stomping grounds...."The Greater Kansas City Area" aka CLOSE to Independence, Missouri. As a result of growing up in that area, I am very aware that a temple being announced near Independence, Missouri gets the attention of members of the LDS Church and non-members, alike. I am so excited to attend this temple!!!! (This is one of 5 newly announced temples)
Talks A few messages hit me between the eyes. Each message was packed full of wisdom and depth. As with most General Conferences, the Saturday Sessions seem to consistently be my favorite. This General Conference is no favorite messages were on Saturday.
Andrew went to all sessions on Saturday (including The Priesthood Session) and the afternoon Session Sunday. He sat on the floor, close to the front in each session he attended.

This was such a busy weekend. I have so much to write about and so many photos to post. I loved having everything centered around General Conference. Hooray for DVR and re-playing over and over!!!

What were some of your Highlights of General Conference?
Did you watch all Four Sessions?
Did you enjoy the music?

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