Monday, October 6, 2008

The New Do....
Keep in mind...with photographers (an 11 year old, in my case)...
You get what you pay for....
Shaky, not great quality photos, yet you get the idea!
Saturday, I got a new haircut!
I feel like a new woman!
The camera was always moving with the finger click....
Today, I start one of those weeks where every day, I have to
hit the ground running. You of those weeks where
every day you have to have a LIST or something will slip through
the cracks.... or your head will fall off at any given time.
The American Cancer Society,
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk
is in less than two weeks now. Wow! I cannot believe it is so close.
On the other hand...Oh, yes I can...
My phone rings all day and my e-mail
in box is full morning, noon, and night. Last week, I wore PINK
( I wear pink when I am working on The Breast Cancer Walk)
every day and ate breakfast, lunch,and sometimes dinner,
with a different group each day.
Exciting, yet I am glad to see a slow down of this pace on
the horizon!


Cathi said...

Love love love the hair!!
I so wish bald were the IT style. I cannot and have never been any good at doing hair especially mine!! I'd love to cut it to about a half an inch!!

evjohnson said...

LOVE IT! It looks so cute...