Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Party Alert!
AKA...Attention Room Moms,
Scout Leaders, and Party Animals Extraordinaire...
Planning a Halloween Party?
Here is an idea that works for
any age, child or adult.
Over the years, I have adapted it for every holiday or celebration
(i.e baby shower...pink or blue candies in baby bottles)
Candy Guessing Jars
Fill jars with random shapes and sizes of candy. Have guests
write down their guess as to the number of candies in the jar.
The person who guesses closest to the correct number of
candies takes the jar of candy home.
The game also becomes THE PRIZE! Love it!
For more details, click HERE
P.S. This activity is always a hit with the teachers....
you are sneaking a math lesson in to the party!
See....you are the smartest Room Mom in the school!

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