Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My PINK Life...
My recent work on
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Event
has made my days and nights very PINK...
I wear PINK in some form everyday
(thank goodness I LIKE PINK and have more than one PINK item in my
wardrobe-I must is becoming more and more of a challenge to
re-invent my PINK ensembles and still look
professional and/or respectable day in and day out).
I promote a PINK Cause. I talk about PINK. I have PINK RIBBON
MERCHANDISE to sell and give to sponsors and participants. I have
PINK Candy that I try to give away faster than I can eat it.
I hear PINK stories of triumph and courage.
I attend PINK events to support this amazing PINK cause.
My car has a PINK RIBBON "Find a Cure Magnet"
Indeed, it is a PINK season for me.
Just when I thought life could not get any more PINK....
the phone rings.....
(I almost did not answer....I was in a PINK meeting with all
of my PINK Friends....the Breast Cancer Walk is TEN DAYS AWAY...
we have a lot of PINK plans to finalize! I did not recognize the number on
the caller ID, yet I could be a call regarding a PINK detail)
It is the Middle School Calling.....
The Middle School where my daughter, Katherine, is a student....
It is NOT a ROUTINE phone call from The Middle School...
(I get calls from them often....)
It is a call from the Clinic..... from THE NURSE.....
Katherine must be picked up immediately......come NOW
Katherine has PINK EYE!!!!!!!
She cannot return to school until she has had treatment for 24
hours and the school receives a letter from The Doctor....
Come get her NOW. She is highly contagious (duh)
It was a PINK phone call after all! A major PINK detail!
No Kidding!
After a trip to The Doctor and The was home
to begin washing sheets and towels.....washing and sanitizing
everything in the house and car!
Working hard to make sure my eyes do not become PINK
to match the rest of my life...
While working on yet another load of laundry....Katherine
offered great comfort with her perspective....
"Well, Mom, it could have been least I don't have
Head Lice." Oh, yes...what a relief...I only have to sanitize
EVERYTHING in the house.
I love this PINK life!


John and Katie said...

lest we say you are not "in the pink" right now!

superherotrainer said...

Great cause! I so want to get more involved. You go girl!