Friday, October 3, 2008

Quilts, Questions, and General Conference

A Breath of Fresh Air....
Inhale Deeply
No Politics, No Debates, No Economic Bailout,
Put It All Away and Say......
Hooray For
LDS General Conference Weekend
How Do You Prepare for General Conference?
Do you have any General Conference Traditions?
Have you ever attended General Conference in person?
This is Alison and Me in
The Tabernacle on Temple Square last October.
We were there for General Conference.

General Conference Thoughts:

  • Over the years, I have been blessed to attend many sessions of General Conference in person. I have attended at the Tabernacle on Temple Square and at the new Conference Center in Salt Lake City. Whether I attend in person or watch in my chapel or from my home, my experience is greatly enhanced when I prepare my spirit and heart. The week prior to General Conference, my prayers are focused on those preparing messages and most of all for my own heart to be open and receptive to the teachings of the spirit.
  • Take your Questions To Conference. A few years ago, while speaking at a Conference in Orlando, Sister Wendy Nelson (wife of Elder Russell Nelson) told of how she took a life changing question to General Conference. She received an answer and later when she went back to review the message, the message was about a completely different subject. She received personal revelation at the moment she needed it most. Taking My Questions To Conference has changed my entire General Conference experience. I actually WRITE THEM DOWN and make each question a matter of prayer for the weeks prior to General Conference. (yes, they are written as I type) The spirit will speak to you when you are prepared to listen.
  • Ron has had the blessing of taking each of our sons to the General Priesthood Meeting in the Tabernacle and/or The Conference Center. I plan on taking each of our daughters to the Young Women General Conference Broadcast at least once while they are in the Young Women's Program. Katherine turns 12 in March, so it is looking like we will head there in April.
  • Quilts.....Tomorrow while Ron is at the Saturday evening General Priesthood Session, Katherine, Megan, and I are going to make a quilt. This is a tradition I want to keep going. I remember going to my Aunt Marilyn's house and the women would be sitting around working on a quilt while listening to the Saturday Sessions of General Conference.
  • Sunday Morning Breakfast. We make Swedish Pancakes or Belgian Waffles. With the sessions not starting until noon EST, we have plenty of time to have a lazy morning, enjoy a wonderful breakfast, and be prepared for the Spiritual Feast that is sure to be served.
  • Our Ward Young Women make and sell Conference Bag Lunches for Saturday. It has been a nice tradition to enjoy lunch made by the Young Women. When we are out of town (in Utah for Conference) I still order the lunches for those here at home, or for another family who may not have the means to enjoy this Conference treat.
  • When I am in Utah for General Conference, I love Ladies Night at Deseret Book during the Priesthood Session on Saturday Night.Oh yes! Authors, discounts, samples, artists, book signings, etc. As soon as the Priesthood Session is over, I meet Ron (after enjoying Ladies Night) and usually a few friends, for dinner. Being on Mountain Time makes it perfect for going out after the Priesthood Session. At this moment, Downtown Salt Lake City is completely torn up due to Construction. Thank you, Deseret Book for finding a place for Ladies Night while you are displaced....The Joseph Smith Memorial Building was perfect!
  • Mission Reunions! Attending Ron's Mission Reunion (after ALL these years) continues to be one of the Highlights of our trips to April General Conference.
  • Seeing people I have not seen in years....I ALWAYS ALWAYS meet up with people I have not seen in years.
  • Satellite TV! Now I can watch General Conference (and any other LDS Church TV Programming) at home. And now.....I can DVR all sessions and replay, replay, replay! I have re-watching last week's Relief Society Session over and over this week! No more waiting for the Ensign Magazine to arrive. ( I can still remember the days when General Conference was Broadcast to our Chapels via phone line....NO VIDEO. We would sit for the entire 2 hours and LISTEN. We've come so far! I remember President Kimball teaching that advances in Technology would be for the benefit of The Church Members. This is one HUGE example of technology blessing my life!
  • Watching General Conference at home can have disadvantages. Preparing my Physical Surroundings (a clean orderly home) is vital to having a the spirit present for General Conference viewing. I also find that when my house is clean and orderly, I am not distracted by feeling like I should be cleaning or organizing. Preparing my Children with and attitude of respect and reverence. This is a no friends running in and out weekend. This year, I prepared Conference Packets for them to work on as they hopefully listen or at least are present while Conference is on. Of course, there are prizes for completed packets. I don't expect them to listen attentively to every message, however, they are expected to show reverence and respect while General Conference messages are presented.
  • SING Stand and sing with the Congregation!!!!!
  • Take Notes! I have a special General Conference Journal for taking notes. Every time I review the notes, I am taken back to the time I first heard the message and how I felt when the spirit was teaching me. I am starting a new journal this Conference.
  • Andrew lives next to the Conference Center. Unless you live IN the Conference Center, no one lives closer than my son, Andrew and those in his complex. I am so excited for Andrew to be in that area. I can't wait to hear how he gets Tickets to General Conference (we did not request them far enough in advance). It will be a story worth hearing....I am sure! After is Andrew I am speaking of. His life is an adventure, which means, being his mother is an adventure!
I look forward to the Spiritual Feast of General Conference.
Do you?
How do you prepare?
What are your thoughts as this Breath of Fresh Air, aka General Conference, approaches?
Happy Weekend Everyone!

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Curt Hostetler said...

I am so excited for conference too! We have discovered that you can watch it on on demand, so we are still able to watch from home (we still don't own a tv, so this computer thing is great). Also, Andrew told me he was going to try to charge for someone to use his parking space, like a football game! Let's just hope no one actually pays him, or he'll keep doing it every 6 months!