Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reality Check

How To Tell Your Children Are
Growing Up....
No longer do you have a voice when it comes to
what they will dress as for Halloween....
Ahhhh....That time has finally come with my not-so-
little-anymore girls.
You also know that if you want them to dress as something....
you for sure DON'T suggest it! Gone are the days of
Princesses, Queens, Pumpkins, Bumblebees,
Ladybugs, etc. We have entered the Vampire, Witch,
Ninja world.
I do have a say in this.....if they want my help....they must tell
me what they want to "be" by Saturday....No last minute
crazy running around town to pull a costume together.
Also...nothing TOO evil, gory, or with too much skin showing....
I will override anything that is too over the top
(they are still young enough for me to over-ride)
The other clue that my girls are growing up....
NO WAY will they wear matching or coordinating costumes.
The Matchy Matchy days are coming to a screeching halt....
Katherine will be 12 in is time. I told her when she
went to Young Womens she would not have to dress to match
her sister who is still in Primary.
Unless it is our Christmas picture, the "Matchy Matchy" days
are few and far between...almost extinct.
Jeffrey and Curt in October 1985
Meaghan Smar, Katherine, and Becky J
October 1999

Did you dress your young children alike? Did you, as a child, dress like your siblings?

What are your children planning to dress up as for Halloween?

Do you dress up as an Adult?


3girlsmom said...

cute pics! i feel for you. but i feel that as they get older mine are more satisfied to either wear something that is in the dress up closet or that i can throw together from goodwill and it's cheaper!!!

so far i have one witch and dorothy complete with our morkie for toto!! gracie is the one who is going to be dorothy. savannah still is undecided.

3girlsmom said...

oh and as to the matchy matchy thing, they only dressed alike once when they were all black cats! sarah and savannah wanted to both be black cats so i said "might as well do gracie the same too." it was cute, so cute that i had their pics taken at the studio.

christmas matchy matchy is pretty much going downhill with sarah, but i try to stay with the same colors for photo purposes.