Friday, November 6, 2009

At Least I Still Have My Marbles (I Think)

Yesterday, I was zooming off to a meeting and decided to stop at Publix Grocery Store for some "Meeting Muffins". (I have learned that most every meeting is better with two things 1) A specific printed agenda 2) Food)
Being pressed for time, I went straight to the Bakery, chose some muffins and got in line to pay. After I left the Cash Register, I did what I always do before I head to a parking lot- got out my keys....only I could not find my keys.
I searched my purse and checked my pant pockets...No Keys. I was baffled because this had been such a quick trip in and out of the store. I re-traced my steps and still, No Keys. Soon a sweet "Bag Boy" came to ask if he could help me. I told him what my keys looked like and he began to help me search.
Just then...I patted my pocket (the one I thought I had searched) What did I discover? Yes, My Keys were exactly where I had placed them. Mind you, these are very small pockets, so I was very embarrassed when I realized where they were.
In fact, I was too embarrassed to tell my helper where they were so I said, "Oh, I just remembered where my keys are. Thank you for your help."
At that moment, I was thankful to know that life cannot and will not go at this pace forever.
Can you tell my week was packed full?
One more week until the School Carnival!

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John and Katie said...

That's ok Shauna....we understand. It comes with old age!