Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heart Melting Sweetness

Finding something like this will melt the heart of any parent...
right to the very center...that is what happened to mine.
On Christmas Eve, Megan left this note for Santa
sitting next to a new Sony MP3 Player she won a few weeks ago.
This is exactly how it was worded and spelled...
Dear Santa,
I know there are a lot of unfortunate kids out their. So I want to give you my new MP3 Player, and I want you to rap it and give it to someone who you think deserves it.
Love, Megan
Wow, I am blessed to be her mom!


Casey Gentle said...

Shauna, That is one of the sweetest things ever. What a gift for Santa. Probably warmed him up better than the milk and cookies! She gets it from somewhere...and that somewhere is her parents! Love ya!

John and Katie said...

It's what all of us parents hope to see! Speaking of seeing.....where's the cruise pics?