Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Rearview Mirror and The Road Ahead

It Is THAT Time...
Time for looking in the Rear View mirror so I am able to fully concentrate on the road in front of me.
A New Year always brings the desire to improve and move forward, however, I find that moving forward is easier when I take a good look backwards. Just a look, though, and not a long trip that causes me to STAY there.
As I was going through my google reader blog selections this morning, two thoughts were helpful as I am in this looking forward/backward mode:

At Blog Segullah, Annie wrote about staying in the Foyer vs entering Holy Places.
Ben wrote about filtering out Background Noise in order to focus on what
matters the most.
Both of these thoughts are helpful as I plan my 2010 Life Road Trip.
What is helpful to you when you set goals and make Life Plans?

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