Thursday, December 10, 2009

Timeless Favorite

A Charlie Brown Christmas
I am old enough to remember having to WAIT until The Christmas TV Specials were played once per year (and Wizard of Oz). If you missed the show, it was NEXT YEAR until you could see it again. A Charlie Brown Christmas was one of my favorites of all Christmas TV Specials. As an adult, I love this show more than ever (the same with The Grinch Who Stole Christmas). The messages are timeless.
I think the waiting, planning to watch, and sheer anticipation made these movies magical for me. The waiting was a good thing. Now, these treasures (and any others) can be viewed year round without the need for undivided attention. After all, there is always the Rewind, Fast Forward, and Pause Buttons. With such total access, these movies are not viewed as treasures to savor or to give complete focus to.
On another note and for completely different Christmas Celebration has to include "A Christmas Story" movie. It is a movie you either love or not. It is just a totally funny movie that is spot on. Watching it with my family makes it even more funny.
What are your favorite Christmas Movies?
Do you remember having to wait until your favorite
Christmas movies came to TV one time per year?

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Nancy Anderson said...

Shauna, I can totally relate! I, too, am befuddled when my kids are not excited to see these classics! Of course I'm also amazed that they would most of the time rather play Wii than go outside and run around like we did when we were kids!