Thursday, December 17, 2009

Which Stage Of Christmas Are You In

One week away and I am in the middle of the "Look At The Piles" stage of Christmas.
Late at night when everyone goes to sleep OR one day while the children are still in school, everyone does this at one point in the Christmas Season.
You know what I mean...
You pull out everything from all the hiding spots and assess the piles for each person...especially for the children. Parents have to make sure the piles are equal amongst the children.
Even with a simpler Christmas this year, I am still going through the "Check The Piles" routine.
School is out tomorrow, so I have about TWO MINUTES to make the final assessments and adjustments while no one is looking.
Then on the the wrapping stage of Christmas.... I only enjoy the wrapping stage when I am
not in a hurry and when it is not Christmas eve. Actually, call me crazy, I LOVE to wrap gifts....just not under pressure. Hopefully, the wrapping stage will be over by late tonight.
And dont even ask me when the Baking Stage may be worked in....
What about YOU...
Which Stage of Christmas are you in?

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John and Katie said...

Gifts all purchased & wrapped. Packages mailed to California & Utah arrived days ago. Christmas lights uo & Christmas cards mailed.