Friday, January 8, 2010

Keeping Good Company

One of the most fun aspects of Cruising with a large group is DINNER TIME. Everyone is "on their own" during the day and we all made sure we ate dinner together. I am not going to lie and tell you the food was good on this Norwegian Cruise Ship, because it was NOT. The wonderful company made up for the deficiencies in Food Quality and Service (OK, I wrote it in cyber space) Sailing Royal Caribbean spoiled me and NO, I wont sail Norwegian again, at least not Freestyle Cruising on this ship, The Norwegian Sky.
Dad, Mom, and Me
The Golden Gator Couple. Alison and Jeff are SO MUCH FUN to be with.
Jan and Don (before he got sick)
Melvin and Lauren-the newest Newlyweds!
Andrew and his date, Meggie!
This trip is proof that good company can make up for all those things that may not be "just right". Keeping good company is oh so important in every way!!!!!

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