Friday, January 8, 2010

Laugh Until It Hurts

Luckily, the evening shows were family friendly. We laughed and laughed and drank virgin Pina Coladas and other fruity non-alcoholic drinks every night.
Everyone enjoyed the fun drinks and the nightly entertainment.Andrew and his best bud, Grandpa! They LOVE each other!
This was the calm before the other words, the quiet time before my parents were called up to the stage as participants in a game....being married 50 years got them in that situation and we laughed so hard we cried (the next post)
Jeff and Alison ready for some serious laughter and fruity drinks!
It goes without saying...Andrew loved the drinks...he even LOVED the food.
We sat in the same spots every night. Great view of the stage and some very entertaining passengers (who were not trying to be entertaining-they were just fun to watch as they enjoyed every minute of the shows)

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